Our goal at Seymour Resources Hawaii is to provide our customers with professional and personal attention while helping them to resolve their water storage, distribution and application needs. We take pride in providing high quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Our customers recognize us for swift and attentive service.We have over 30 years of experience in the irrigation and water system related industries, focusing on construction of systems and system operation.

Water System Construction
Our extensive construction experience includes building high flow water supply systems, storage tanks and ponds, pipelines, pump and water treatment stations, as well as Central Control networks. We have constructed a large number of agricultural irrigation systems as well. One of our specialties is to reactivate and upgrade old, underperforming systems.

Alternative Energy
We have worked with hydroelectric generation facilities, completing water supply system upgrades as well as infrastructure repairs and maintenance. We also have installed erosion control systems, using automated sprinklers and grass, in commercial scale solar generation facilities.

Design and Build
We have the capability to design and build high quality irrigation and water supply systems, using the products that best fit your needs.

Other Services